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Properties in the urban area

Houses, apartments and condominiums in the urban area can be licensed as short-term rentals, if all requirements are met. A license will be required.

Properties in the rural land use districts

Guest accommodations are allowed in some rural land use districts through Home Occupation Bed and Breakfast or Room and Board land use approvals. The proposed license program will not allow short-term rental license approvals in the rural area.

Building type

Only legal, permanent homes can be used as short-term rentals. These include both detached and attached single-family homes, apartment units and condominium units. Temporary sleeping facilities (such as tents and RVs) cannot be used as short-term rentals.


Quiet hours (10 p.m. to 7 a.m.) will be enforced, per Washington County’s noise control standards. Operators/owners must post signs notifying guests of the quiet hours.​​​​​​

Maximum occupancy

Up to two occupants per sleeping area, plus two additional occupants are allowed.

Group events

Group events are permitted, only if the total number of people (inside and outside) is no more than the maximum occupancy.


Operator must provide covered garbage and recycling containers. Garbage must be removed at least once per week.

Contact information

Operators must provide direct contact information to owners of all properties within a 300-foot radius of the short-term rental property via U.S. Mail. Operators must provide proof of this mailing to County staff.

License revocation

If the operator/owner does not meet the requirements, licenses can be revoked by Washington County Department of Land Use & Transportation